Hymn texts

These hymn texts mostly attempt to express some feature of our faith that is otherwise lacking into today's hymnody.

Also included here is a hymn text by Sue Gilmurray, reproduced here with her kind permission, which deserves to be far more widely known.

Name Tune Comments Publication
God eternal, timeless moment Blaenwern [Commentary.] A strongly Trinitarian hymn. Includes themes of mission, outreach, redemptive suffering and Pentecost. UK Methodist Church Singing the Faith
In chaos and nothingness [PDF] [Commentary.] Creation, wonder, science. A hymn to celebrate science and our omniscient God. American Scientific Affiliatian "God and Nature", Winter 2019 (one minor edit since made to hymn)
Lord Christ, your throne Finlandia [Commentary.] Adoration; creation; reign of Christ. From Hebrews 1.
Make straight the way Kingsfold [Commentary.] Mission, ordination, confirmation, commitment. "Way, truth, life". Worship in the City (United Churches of Canada)
Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord Gresford

[Commentary.] Robert Saint's solemn tune Gresford, a.k.a. "The Miners' Hymn", was written in response to the 1934 Gresford colliery disaster. My text, based on Psalm 130, aims to stay faithful to the tune's mining roots. Durham Newlink, 2009.
Over the darkness (God of creation) [PDF] [Commentary.] A song-like hymn about darkness and light, chaos and order, at creation, at the incarnation, at the crucifixion and resurrection and in our lives.
You once favoured, Lord, your people Mannheim Psalm 85 paraphrase. Suitable for Advent 2.
Texts by Sue Gilmurray
Carol for the world (The northern world grows dark and cold) Kingsfold Advent, Christmas. Written in the wake of the Twin Towers events, New York, of 11th September, 2001 (9/11).