God eternal, timeless moment

  1.  God eternal, timeless moment,
      unnamed Name of majesty,
      morning star and evening glory,
      source of life — its destiny:
        you yet chose to shape and name us,
        wove us in the deepest earth;
        you ordained our days before us,
        gave us freedom, gave us worth.

  2.  Jesus, helper in our sorrow,
      Christ, who helpless chose to be:
      is it sacrifice to follow
      you to Calvary's cruel tree?
        Grant us courage, grant us grace to
        die to self and love you still;
        counting all things loss to know you,
        walk your way and live your will.

  3.  Holy Spirit, word of wisdom,
      dove descending, wind and fire:
      sighing deep beyond our knowledge
      search our minds, our lives inspire.
        Tongues of flame and tongues of language
        blaze the Word of God abroad;
        may we here translate your wisdom,
        guide your world to Christ her Lord.

  4.  God beyond us, God among us,
      ever three, yet ever one:
      re-create us, re-confirm us,
      re-inspire us, lead us on.
        God eternal, go before us;
        Christ companion, come beside;
        Spirit, be the life within, through
        whom our God is glorified.

Suggested tune: Blaenwern. (Note: Hyfrydol and Abbot's Leigh are not suitable because of enjambment within the text, e.g. 2:5-6; 4:7-8)

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