Sing unto the Lord a fresh, new song

1. Sing unto the Lord a fresh, new song; sing, earth, unto the Lord of heaven. Sing and bless his name, each day his saving deeds proclaim to all the lands and nations of the earth. 2. Splendour, might and power attend the Lord and glory fills his holy temple. Peoples of the earth ascribe him majesty and worth, ascribe him honour due his holy name. 3. Sing among the lands: The Lord is King. The earth stands firm on sure foundations. Bow before the Lord, for lo! he comes to judge the world, to judge with equity and light of truth. 4. Let the skies rejoice, let earth exult, let seas in all their fullness thunder! Let the land and fields, let deepest vale to mountain peaks, let all creation sing unto the Lord!

Based on Psalm 96.

Tune: Elgar 1; score

CCLI Song ID: 7214951