Rejoice in God, you peoples

1. Rejoice in God, you peoples, who holds our lives secure; re-echo here his praises, he keeps our footsteps sure. For you, O God, ensnared us, before us and behind, in burning fire refined us as silver is refined. You let our gloating captors reduce us to our knees; we went through fire and waters before you set us free. 2. Returning to his presence, we here renew our vows, that we, in time of troubles, did utter and pronounce. Had we considered evil he would have blocked his ears; but praise is on our tongue while we yet cry out our fears. For God will surely hear us, will not reject our prayer. Rejoice in God, whose mercies uphold us in his care.

Based on Psalm 66:8–20.

Suggested tune: Thaxted (Gustav Holst).