Instrumental music

Piece Instruments Score Audio Comments
Prelude on St Columba Organ PDF MP3 Dances lightly along, maintaining Celtic feel. It has been used in several places, including South Africa.
Chorale Prelude on Light of the World Organ PDF MP3 The traditional art of the Chorale Prelude applied to the modern worship song "Light of the world". Published in Sing a New Song, MWF (Music and Worship Foundation), Autumn 2010.
Chorale Prelude on Light of the World E♭ saxophone and piano PDF MP3 As per previous entry, but for a music group of saxophone and piano.
Minuet and trio Piano PDF MP3 Classical structure. Harmony is a fusion of jazz, neo-classical and romantic. The trio is strict, being in three parts.


Piece Composer Instruments Score Audio Comments
Chorale Prelude "An Wasserflüssen Babylon" J.S. Bach String quartet PDF MIDI BWV 653 from "The Eighteen Chorale Preludes"