Lord Christ, your throne

1. Lord Christ, your throne extends throughout the ages and righteousness shall mark your kingdom's reign: you ride in truth, humility and justice, while evil deeds you trample with disdain; God has anointed you with oil of gladness, Jesus, our brother, prophet, priest and King. 2. Through you of old were laid the earth's foundations, you fan the flame of fusion in the stars; yet these shall perish when you shake the heavens, decay to dust, return to you, their source. Meanwhile you stand, a beacon to the nations, changeless across the ever-changing years. 3. O Son of God, and radiance of his glory, sustaining all by your almighty word: in you is life, in you who are so dearly by hosts of angels worshipped and adored. Help us proclaim in sacrament and story your majesty, O heaven's eternal Lord.

Tune: Finlandia (11 10 11 10 11 10)

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