Carol for the world

The northern world grows dark and cold

  1.  The northern world grows dark and cold,
        the southern bright and warm
      as we prepare to celebrate
        our God in human form.
      The word that powers the universe
        was born a baby here
      in human sight, one holy night,
        about this time of year.

  2.  The eastern world grows dark with hate,
        the western world with rage,
      and battle-fires and funeral pyres
        illuminate the stage
      where leaders stalk in power and pride
        while people shrink in fear.
      What is it worth, a saviour's birth
        about this time of year?

  3.  We know it was for peace he came
        when angels filled the skies;
      can we sing still about goodwill
        with wars before our eyes?
      We need forgiveness, mercy, grace,
        and love both strong and clear,
      as he would show so long ago,
        about this time of year.

  4.  No fire from heaven struck Herod down,
        or Judas in his day;
      no angels killed to save the Christ
        when Pilate held his sway.
      His victory came through love alone
        and not from sword or spear,
      and we are his, whose feast it is
        about this time of year.

  5.  Though north and south and east and west
        The world may call us fools,
      we follow him whose life and death
        proclaim that his love rules.
      It's hard to fight with love alone
        for all that we hold dear.
      God says: "That's true: I was there too
        about this time of year."

Suggested tunes: Kingsfold, Noel