ServiceMusic: Welcome

The aim is to provide your church with music of quality and integrity, with cost and copyright hassles eliminated as far as is reasonably possible. Your church, whether large or small, should find most items readily accessible and flexible enough to suit your local resources.

Most items are freely available for normal church use, subject to your acceptance of my copyright and, where applicable, that of other authors and publishers who have granted permission for use of their material here.

The items are in a wide variety of styles, from choral to music-group and blues/jazz. There are hymns, psalm settings, liturgical pieces, modern worship songs, and arrangements, for congregations, music groups and choirs.

Texts by Timothy Dudley-Smith, Brian Wren, Kate Bluett, Andrew Pratt and George Herbert are given settings here. There are also, for those so inclined, appropriate new texts sympathetically set to composers such as Elgar (a Ps.96 paraphrase), Gershwin (a communion song) and Lennon/McCartney (Kyrie eleison).

This catalogue continually increases: usually every couple of months or so something is added or revised.