Lamentations: Bibliography

Much of the detail here has been greatly aided by some excellent literature. The major sources are listed below.

Other commentary and academic sources include:

The following online resources have proved immensely valuable:

Background and introductory reading

The background to Lamentations was one of devasation, destruction and catastrophe for the Jewish people around 587/586 BCE, with brutal siege and exile. Useful online sources include:

[1] Originally published 1991 by Marshall Pickering (UK) and William B. Eerdmans (USA).

[2] But such dictionary look-up is not primarily for meaning. For that purpose I have used commentaries and other translations. It is, rather, for verifying word repetition and threads. For example at 4:16, the majority of English translations fail to use the word "face" and even fewer respect its double use. See the footnotes there.