David Lee: The day job

As a Geophysics undergraduate at Durham University (Grey College) a major part of my dissertation was the computer interpretation of geomagnetic anomalies in Upper Teesdale in the underlying Whin Sill to determine the buried course of part of the pre-glacial River Tees near Langdon Beck. This interest led to undertaking an M.Sc. in Computing Science at Newcastle University.

My career has been in IT closely associated with science research: nearly thirty years at Durham University, over eight years at ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) in Berkshire and now at the UK national synchrotron, Diamond Light Source in Oxfordshire.

At Durham, as Systems Programmer then UNIX/Linux Team Leader, externally-facing results of my work included:

ECMWF's supercomputers are consistently high in the world's Top 500 list, and run by our section, with our team supporting its massive data requirements. My work included:

At Diamond (2019–current) I oversee the automated OS deployment and configuration management framework across our thousands of varied Linux servers and desktop computers.