YEC fraudulence

As a scientist, I am saddened by the quackery of the bombastic young-earth creationist (YEC) variety seen at Answers in Genesis. But more, as a Bible-loving Christian, I am angered by their Bible-abusing enforcement of so-called "literal", so-called "plain-reading" onto Genesis 1-11.

The limerick below was a direct reaction against one of their many preposterous tweets on an AiG Twitter feed; this one had falsely claimed (i.e. lied in the name of Jesus the Truth) that their science-quackery (fraudulently labelled as "research") was supposedly "peer-reviewed".

Creationist 'Answers in Genesis' is clueless about real sciences. But anti-biblically worse are their chapter-and-verse eisegesis and scripture abuses.

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An authoritative association of the concept of "heresy" with "young-earth creationism" is given by Tom McLeish a world-leading physicist at one of the UK's leading research universities (Durham), and subsequently Professor of Natural Philosophy at York. See p. 240-241 of Faith and Wisdom in Science (Oxford University Press) and, more resolutely, p.35 of his science lecture in York Minster.