Yet my soul drew back

A liturgical response, reflecting an interior dialogue, for those of us afraid of the challenges of our faith. Give it plenty of space to breathe.

It derives its title, unworthily, from George Herbert's poem Love bade me welcome.

In my searching confusion:
turn, Lord, and answer me.
I try to do right:
yet so often fail.
Surround me, be near me:
yet please not too near.
I'm afraid that I doubt you:
yet I fear more your certainty.
You want me to seek you:
yet I fear that I'll find you.
Would you search out and find me?
But then please leave me be.
Will you shelter me, keep me?
But then keep a safe distance.
You wait and you wait, patiently, silently:
How should I answer you?
What should my answer be?