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Top-down or bottom-up? Might our "big" mentality of church music be harmful? Let us put the "small church" uppermost. For World Church Music Symposium, 1998.
How long O Lord, will we forget? Recovering the Psalms into church worship. Published: Worship Live, Autumn 1998, Stainer & Bell.
Leading worship songs from the piano Hints for contemporary styles.  
Music Team guidelines A possible set of guidelines for a church music team. Drafted for our music team at St. John's Church, Nevilles Cross, Durham, 1997
Creationism and bar-room lust Debunking the anti-biblical quack-scientism of "creationism", from a literary (rather than literal) perspective.  
Resurrection Song of Songs Song of Songs, and Mary Magedelene meeting the risen Jesus.  

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